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About Touhou Project

The story unfolds in "Gensoukyou". It takes place in a world where people from myths and legends, ghosts, spirits, and goblins exist in a wide variety of ways A Bullet Hell STG in which Reimu and Marisa are confronted with an anomaly. There is a lot of fanzine events that sell goods. ※"Touhou Project"is a copyrighted work produced by the Team Shanghai Alice.

故事在 "幻想郷" 中展开。故事发生在一个神话传说中的人、鬼魂、精灵和妖精以各种方式存在的世界里。 在《弹丸地狱STG》中,灵武和玛丽莎面对着一个异常情况。有很多出售商品的粉丝杂志活动。 ※Touhou Project是由上海爱丽丝团队制作的版权作品。

Touhou Hanko

We make Japanese hanko based on Toho Project characters. This is a site for overseas Toho fans who can't come to the fanzine events in Japan.



  • Charactors
  • Materials
  • Comming soon...

How to Order

Please select the character and material and enter the name you wish to engrave. Paypal will send you payment information after your order is placed. It will be shipped within 3 business days from the date of payment.

1.Choose Your Charactor


Please choose your favorite character. More and more characters will be added to the game in the future.

  • Reimu
  • Marisa

2.Select Your Material


Please choose your material.

  • Wood
  • Red Wood
  • Black Horn
  • Marble Horn
  • Carbon Fiber/li>
  • Mammoth Tusk

3.Enter Your Name


判子に彫刻するあなた(友達、家族)の名前を入れてください。アルファベット8文字、漢字4文字、カタカナ6文字が入力可能です。Touhou Hankoは、ユニークなプレゼントとしても最適です。

Each hanko includes the following.(no extra charge)
Beautiful Japanese wrapping will be great gift.

  • red inkpad
  • Japanese wrapping

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